"We have thus rightfully earned our colours"

The Hi-Tech Edge

After Sales Service

Our Servicing ability and consistency has been the differentiating factor between Hi-Tech and the other ink companies across the globe. We are constantly providing value added services to each of our customers to ensure that we are able to offer some assistance in reducing their costs.

Our servicing team is made up of qualified professionals who are not just well versed with the Inks that we offer but are also well versed with the run-ability of machines and its parameters and thus are always able to offer immediate solutions on the job, reducing down-time and loss of production.

We also offer an Ink Kitchen concept wherein we place a few of our technicians on-site at the customer’s factory and help standardize their jobs based on our inks to reduce downtime and ink wastage.

This team is also available for trouble shooting at the customer end 24 x 7.